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Our family is constantly on the go so we are always looking for ways to stay healthy and keep our energy flowing. We recently tried out Cymbiotika’s Synergy C Vitamin C and collagen formula and their B12 + B6 Mineral supplement. We were so impressed with how the company creates their organic vegan supplements and how quickly you can feel them working! Cymbiotika creates their supplements by using only the highest quality organic, wildcrafted, non-GMO ingredients ( they also taste great!). When I first opened the package, I was so curious from reading the labels that I instantly went to their website to read more about how they create these vitamins. I learned that the reason you feel them working so quickly is based on the Micelle Liposomal Technology they use which is a revolutionary breakthrough in vitamin supplementation that enhances your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. By using this process, their supplements have increased bioavailability which is comparable to getting a vitamin B12 or vitamin C I.V. injection…how crazy is that??

Synergy C 1000mg Vitamin C

The first product we tried was their fermented Vitamin C which contains bamboo silica and activates collagen production as well as immunity support. The first thing I noticed was the taste, which is very similar to an orange creamsicle. You simply add a tablespoon to your water, juice, yogurt or a blended beverage and you are good to go. It’s a super easy and delish way to help support your antioxidant health, immunity, anti-aging and collagen production. Their vitamin C helps rebuild your immune system and the collagen booster helps support healthy hair, nails and skin. It can also help to curve cravings and boost your metabolism so a win all around in my book.

Synergy B12 +B6 Fulvic Minerals Cellular Energy

This advanced blend of vitamins is the perfect “Synergy”! They use the two most bioactive forms of vitamin B12 and Vitamin B 6 to enhance mood, memory and also help support heart/bone health. Another really cool fact is that the folate in this supplement can help support people who carry a mutation in the MTHFR gene. We definitely noticed an instant energy boost and really enjoyed the berry flavor which was really easy to add to our morning shakes. I also tried it in a cup of water as well and it was great! The best part of using these supplements is knowing that your body is actually putting them to use. They also have a ton of other supplement options that all come with the same grade of pureness. Check out more at the /.

by / Jun 03, 2021