ABC News 4: Spring Clean Your Diet for Health

Today on Good Food Friday I shared have some tips today how to spring clean your diet to stay healthy and nourished at home.

Eat balanced meals

My first tip is to eat balanced meals a home using whatever protein, whole grain and veggie you have on hand.Some great examples are brown rice and sweet potatoes are great veggie and grain option. Chicken is a lean protein and super versatile. The Springer Mountain Farms Chicken is vegetarian fed and humanely raised in the mountains of Northeast Georgia on over 350 family farms. It’s also non-GMO and now comes packed in recyclable, heavy gauge plastic trays – no more foam! Add it to tacos, stir-fries you name it.

Sneak in superfoods

My next tip is to sneak in superfoods where you can. Collagen is one of the most important and vital structural substances in our bodies an make up over 75% of our skin. Research suggests that collagen consumption may boost skin firmness and elasticity while locking in moisture. Add a scoop to your morning oatmeal or smoothies. It’s flavorless so it’s an easy addition. The Collagen Peptides by Forest Leaf is a best seller on Amazon you can use code Mia15 for 15% off at

Hydrate better

My next tip is to hydrate smarter. Instead of sugar-sweetened beverages which provide energy but no real nutrition, opt for fruit-infused water or LifeFuels. LifeFuels is a bottle that creates enhanced beverages with the touch of a button or swipe of an app that is tailed to your personal activity, lifestyle and taste. It comes with FuelPods that come in flavors like ginger citrus and lemon lime that each contain a unique bend of vitamins, minerals or antioxidants.

Incorporate immune-supporting foods and ingredients

Finally incorporate immune supporting foods and ingredients into your diet like romaine and cauliflower for vitamin C. Cymbiotika makes products that help support energy levels, mental focus, and overall wellbeing. Cymbiotika Synergy B-12 is an organic blend of vitamin B12, folate and minerals that support healthy red blood cell production, mood, memory, heart and bone health. B-12 can be difficult to get from diet alone since it’s found naturally in only a handful of foods.

by / Apr 03, 2020