Promoting health and wellbeing is a very adult concept, yet it affects us from the moment we’re born. Start down the right path early on by prioritizing wellness with Cymbiotika’s essential liquid vitamins for kids. Our science-backed ingredients holistically support young anatomies, from skeletal systems to immune systems, for a nutrient boost every kid deserves—and will love. If the age-old request, “Eat your vegetables,” is met with projectile Brussels sprouts, it’s time to switch tactics for your picky eaters. Cymbiotika offers tastier children’s vitamins that include all the necessary micronutrients from natural sources that kids will enjoy taking.

From recess and play dates to soccer practice after school, children demand a lot from their bodies for healthy growth. Our flavored liquid vitamin complexes—Synergy Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10— are the perfect kids supplement to provide crucial nerve, skeletal, and skin support on and off the playground.

And young brains need just as much love as young bodies. Our Liposomal Magnesium L-Threonate vitamin supplement crosses the blood-brain barrier to protect forming synapses, memory, and cognitive health. Similarly, the fatty acid DHA supplement strengthens young minds and hearts, preparing kids for healthy growth in the classroom and practice field.

Is there a neighborhood cold making the rounds? Budding immune systems need the best defense—our viral protection duo. Synergy Liposomal Vitamin C nutritional supplement uses Micelle technology, delivering immunity support for maximum absorption. Our natural antiviral Liposomal Elderberry Defense nutritional supplement is packed with immune-strengtheners like copper, echinacea, and zinc, to ward off sniffles and sneezes.

As for holistic well-being, your kids will thrive with these two antioxidant and anti-inflammation formulas—ReGenesis and Organic Longevity Mushrooms. ReGenesis vitamin supplement promotes gut health and curbs free radical damage while our five-mushroom compound backs it up with immune and central nervous system defense. Packed into a tasty chocolate fudge syrup, your child will actually look forward to this healthy boost of a liquid multivitamin.

Cymbiotika’s all-natural ingredient list includes zero nuts, gluten, corn, lactose, sugar, yeast, GMOs, additive chemicals, or preservatives. Our liquid vitamins for toddlers and kids are designed to support, not set back, your child.