Athletic, Post-Workout Recovery

Inflammation is more than mild swelling after twisting your ankle or scraping your elbow. It’s your body’s reaction to ailments, infections, muscle recovery, and everyday irritants—and the main culprit behind many long-term health issues. Between cleaning products, polluted air, pesticides, and more, you can’t escape inflammatory irritants, but you can stop them from wreaking internal havoc. The soothing solution?

Cymbiotika’s anti-inflammatory collection

From adaptogens to antioxidants, we use natural ingredients in our post-workout recovery supplements to target the stressors your body and muscle cells are constantly fighting off. Free of GMOs, preservatives, and chemicals, our muscle repair products help your post-workout regimine be more restorative, healthier, and energizing without harsh side effects. This is possible because of our holistic approach to workout recovery that promotes your well-being from every angle.

Our antioxidant-rich Shilajit Mineral Resin offers cellular protection, joint support, and muscle tissue repair. Shilajit, an ancient Ayurvedic adaptogen, not only promotes faster muscle recovery and digestion, but also targets immunity and stress levels. Embrace the physical relief of pure, high-quality Shilajit by pairing it with our advanced workout supplement ReGenesis formula. Included in this product are five super-ingredients—Glutathione, Coenzyme Q10, Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, Riboflavin, and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus— which combine to support bodily functions from head to toe.

For a detoxifying boost, add our Liposomal Sulforaphane Matrix to your workout supplement mix. Usually found in vegetables like broccoli and bok choy, sulforaphane is a strong defense against neuroinflammation. It strengthens your healthy muscle cells while flushing out unhealthy inflammation triggers to help you find an invigorating balance for your workout recovery. Finally, don’t forget to nourish your body with all of the essential nutrients for maximum muscle growth and muscle repair. Treat yourself to Synergy Liposomal Vitamin C for an antioxidant boost and Liposomal Magnesium L-Threonate to encourage brain and memory functioning while calming the nervous system—to promote healthy relaxation and recovery for both the mind and body.

With enhanced absorption methods, organic ingredients, and clean delivery, you’ll enjoy the most direct anti-inflammatory benefits with Cymbiotika’s holistic pre and post workout recovery supplements.